Due to technical issues, Pastor Erin’s portion of this sermon was not recorded.  She taught on the examples of Jesus healing on the Sabbath, which was a drastic change to the ideology of the Pharisees and their established laws that prohibited work on the Sabbath.  There were 7 examples of Jesus performing miraculous healings on the Sabbath.  Erin focused on 2 of these examples, the first found in Mark 3:1-6, about the man with a withered hand.  She brought out how Christ was showing the heart of the Father, in that He desires good for those He calls His children, and how the Pharisees feared this change in their long established theology (aka the laws put in place to attempt to hold themselves righteous) and as a result hated Jesus and plotted against Him.  The second example is from John 9:1-16, concerning the man born blind.  She brings out that the belief at that time was that those born blind or with other such physical ailments were a result of either the sin of that person while in the womb or that of the parents while they were pregnant.  Not only that, but due to that sin from the womb there was no hope for healing from their ailment.  Christ upends this long held belief by healing the man, and emphasizes the purpose of Him performing this healing in verse 3: “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.”  The Pharisees were unaccepting of this change in belief, some believing that this was not a healing from God due to Jesus performing work on the Sabbath, while others still holding to the belief that healing could never come from those born with ailments caused by sin in the womb.